The Ionosphere and Propagation Tutorial

If you are a little unclear as to the reason HF (high frequency) radio waves can travel long distances, then a portion of this video will answer your questions. Dr Tamitha Skov gives a tutorial beginning at about 44:00 minutes in. Feel free to watch Continue Reading

PSK-31 with FLDigi and the FT-817ND

I am about to tackle several projects all at once, in order to operate PSK-31 with my FT-817ND QRP rig. The main reason for this project is the fact I operate QRP with an indoor antenna. In order to make the most out of this Continue Reading

Amongst the kilowatts: 14 MHz SSB QRP DX with a delta loop

Now here is a video showing how to maximize your low power (QRP) operations. The signals were enhanced by the fact the antenna was located near salt water. Not everyone has that advantage, but the results are still amazing. Listen to the final comment on Continue Reading