My involvement with radio communications began as a youngster, listening to shortwave radio. From that point forward, the fascination grew. As a result, I graduated from a local college as an electronic technician.

My work career took me to sales, field work, manufacturing and eventually management roles.

  • Industrial Electronic Sales
  • Land and Marine Two Way Radio Service
  • Custom Industrial Programmable Control Systems
  • Manufacturing Inventory and Database Systems
  • Manufacturing Plant Management

I am married with two sons and recently retired.

I have been involved with amateur radio for the last few decades, but this site is not about me. My goal is to present what amateur radio has to offer today, and dispel any preconceived, inaccurate perceptions you may have.

Please take a few moments to review the material on this site and consider becoming involved in this challenging and rewarding pastime. I encourage you to follow those individuals whose material I have presented here.