Amateur Radio Today

Amateur Radio in the 21st Century

Amateur Radio Satellites

Learn more how you can communicate via amateur radio satellites in space, using voice and data modes.

Satellite tracking software is available for your PC or mobile device.

Students around the world, in universities, high schools and even grade schools are becoming involved in satellite projects.

Amateur Radio on the International Space Station

The majority of the astronauts assigned to the ISS are licensed amateur radio operators. These operators frequently set up communications with schools around the world. There are data packet operations and even occasionally, SSTV (slow scan television) broadcasts. Learn More

Go Outside and get On the Air

If you live in a restrictive environment for antennas, such as an apartment or condominium, then operating outdoors may be the answer. Or maybe you just like the fresh air. Operating a low power station (QRP as it is called) offers a challenging setup with battery and/or solar power. The ARRL Field Day in June of every year, provides a weekend adventure for clubs and individuals all over North America. Click on the images above for more details.
Image Credits: Paul Stuart, VE3EBY

Software Defined Radio
Used with permission. (Thanks Emily)

Software Defined Radio

Replacing tradition radio circuits with analog-to-digital conversions and a digital signal processor, produces increased performance in a smaller package. Learn More


The competitive side of amateur radio.

The Competitive Side of Amateur Radio

If I have managed to peak your interest, then here is a video that goes in to more detail about the benefits of radio and how you may become involved as an amateur radio operator.

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