FT-817 Anderson PowerPole Adapter Power Connector

This adapter provides a Powerpole® connection for the DC power required. Designed and produced on a 3D printer, by an amateur radio operator, specifically for the Yaesu FT817 / FT817ND. I purchased this unit from ebay recently, and installed it on my own FT817ND. The installation only takes a few minutes and eliminates any worries about the current barrel connector.

Remove existing ground screw.

Place unit as shown and secure with supplied longer ground screw.

Align unit as shown.

Unit is ready to go.

All that is left to do, is connect a suitable length Powerpole® cable. As you can see, this modification will not interfere with the operation of the radio connections/ports.

For more information on Powerpole® connectors, see my post Where to Begin with Powerpole Connectors.

Paul, VE3EBY

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