The Future of Amateur Radio is in Good Hands.

Jeri Ellsworth, AI6TK is interviewed by Tim Duffy, K3LR. 

When I watched this video, two things stood out for me.

How many of us started out with a fascination to see how things worked? Taking apart old radios to see what was inside and getting our hands on that first soldering iron. Reading as many books as we could find, to further our understanding of electronics. Many of us, including myself, were fortunate enough to go on to post secondary education and employment in an electronics field.

Technological advancements are touching every part of our daily lives. Amateur radio is not immune to that advancement. As a result, people like Jeri Ellsworth, will not only discover what amateur radio has to offer now, they will advance it beyond what we see today. The future of amateur radio is in good hands. 

To see more from Jeri, follow her on Twitter @jeriellsworth

Enjoy the video. See how it relates to you.

Paul, VE3EBY


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